Blue Heron, Tidal Basin

50mm f/8 1/160s

A Great Blue Heron touches down on the flooded banks of the Tidal Basin, next to a reflection of the Washington Monument.


35mm f/5.6 1/60s

An old man crosses the street after getting out of a taxi.

Can’t Stop Love

35mm f/2 1/125s

Kwanzan cherry blossom petals are blown away by a severe thunderstorm.

Explosions in the Sky

18mm f/14 1/100s

Tulips rise into the sky as a storm approaches the Netherlands Carillon.


52mm f/11 1/80

A day or so before peak bloom, by the Tidal Basin

Natural Balance

80mm f/16 13s

Shot at dusk from the bus stop by the Point Reyes Lighthouse