Month: October 2016

Toggling Transparency in iTerm2

I recently started developing full-time in Vim again because all my code has to run on remote virtual machines. I like using iTerm2 with some transparency enabled so I can see what’s going on in my browser, but it’s started giving me a headache now that I’m spending all day in my terminal. I couldn’t find a built-in hotkey for toggling transparency in iTerm2, so […]

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Notes on Verbal Judo

George Thompson was a PhD-wielding, blackbelt-wearing, college professor turned cop turned “Verbal Judo” instructor who sadly, passed away in 2011. I read the first half of his book (chapters one through twelve) in one sitting. It was full of actionable advice for dealing with difficult situations, and Thompson sprinkled it with funny anecdotes that made the lessons stick. The second half of the book wasn’t […]

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Notes on Drive

I told myself that I’d read Drive after finishing The Mythical Man-Month, but I lost interest in the latter pretty quickly. Drive’s “surprising” truth isn’t all that surprising to those of us who are fortunate enough to be creative workers in a frothy tech industry: after a certain point, material compensation isn’t as important to us as the joy we get from doing our work. I discovered […]

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